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  • Release of new CD "Never Alone"

    Now Available my new CD "Never Alone" !! Proudly I present you my fourth solo bass trombone CD. For this recording I have sought for the ultimate diversity in both musical styles and instrumentation. You will hear seven brand-new compositions for solo bass trombone, all written for me by some...
    Posted to Ben's Ramblings (Weblog) by Ben van Dijk on 06-28-2010
  • Dutch Bass Trombone Open 2010

    Dutch Bass Trombone Open 8 - 9 - 10 October 2010" This year we already have the third version of a wonderful, very special event. I have been involved in the first 2 super editions of the DBTO. Together with great artists on the bass trombone like Bill Reichenbach, Czaba Wagner, Phil Teele and Douglas...
    Posted to Ben's Ramblings (Weblog) by Ben van Dijk on 04-25-2010
  • Codarts Trombone ensemble concert

    On Monday April 12 we played a lunch-concert at the Rotterdam City Hall in the so called "Burgerzaal". The old City Hall of Rotterdam is one of the only buildings in old Rotterdam that survived the second World War. The "Burgerzaal" is a very nice decorated hall with a nice acoustic...
    Posted to Ben's Ramblings (Weblog) by Ben van Dijk on 04-12-2010
  • Breathing Book by David Vining

    Just before summer I bought some great new books by David Vining. The Breathing Book and Flow Studies for bass trombone. I am very enthusiastic about both books. After telling David about my enthusiasm he asked me to write a preface for his Breathing Book. This is what I wrote: Ben van Dijk says: "There...
    Posted to Ben's Ramblings (Weblog) by Ben van Dijk on 12-11-2009
  • New bass trombone music available!

    I am very happy to announce the release of three very nice new pieces for bass trombone solo on BVD Music Productions . Bastasia - NEW! Composed and arranged by Steven Verhelst. For bass trombone- and tuba-solo and trombone quartet. Beautiful composition by Steven Verhelst written specially for Ben van...
    Posted to Ben's Ramblings (Weblog) by Ben van Dijk on 12-02-2009
  • Visit to Thein-Bremen

    Last week I made one of my visits to the Thein factory in Bremen. Together with my friend and colleague Hendrik Jan Renes we had a great time with Heinrich Thein and Olav Brandt. Olav Brandt and Ben with his newest set-up. Great work done Olav! Thanks!!! Besides having a good time we worked on my newest...
    Posted to Ben's Ramblings (Weblog) by Ben van Dijk on 09-06-2009
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