OLD-First Song

This is the title of my second
 solo CD. On this page you can find 
information about this project.
There are also audio samples of
  some of the pieces.

Ben van Dijk during the recording 
of the Wagner encore on his
 Thein bass trombone.

The concept for this CD came about as a result of many reactions to my first solo CD, "Nana". Many asked me to make a second CD consisting of the more common solo pieces for bass trombone auditions. In the beginning I had some doubts about this idea because recordings of most of these pieces are already available, but I realized that there is no CD where these pieces are assembled in one place. The more I thought about the idea the more I liked this concept, especially considering the educational values. When I was a student, there were no such recordings for bass trombone for guidance through all the audition difficulties. We had only our teacher and our own initiative. I was very lucky to have a father who was a professional player so I had some special coaching at home but this is not the case with most students. It's best to hear audition material to gain some idea about the repertoire. Of course my interpretation of the chosen music is personal but it's also based on many years of experience: experience as an orchestral player, as a member of audition committees, and as a teacher. My hope is that this CD will be of some benefit for any upcoming auditions and that it will also be another nice CD of bass trombone repertoire.

Ben van Dijk

Here is the CD's repertoire list:

  1. Wagner for Bass Bones arr. Ben van Dijk
  2. Concertino (in F major) Ernst Sachse
  3. Sarabande (5th cello Suite) J.S. Bach
  4. Menuet 1 & 2 (first cello Suite) J.S. Bach
  5. Concerto in one movement A. Lebedev
  6. First Song Nick Woud
  7. New Orleans (new recording) Eugene. Bozza
  8. Meditation Fr. Hidas
  9. Sonata Breve W.S. Hartley

Sound enginer Martin van den Berg
 concentrated during the recording sessions.

Price: € 15,00
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