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The book is recommended by some of the most prominent trombonists from today.

Bravo Ben! I am so impressed with your new method book. Many of your concepts I use myself in my own practicing and performing, especially your wonderful thoughts on breathing and blowing. It is great to see your own concepts documented in such a clear and convincing way, and so thoroughly! All trombonists will benefit from your words and exercises. I will recommend your book to all of my students!

Joseph Alessi
Principal Trombone New York Philharmonic

Congratulations to Ben on a wonderful book. Congratulations to the rest of us for having such a great resource available to us! Ben"s book will be a great help to players of all levels. This is a truly musical approach to the daily routine of trombone playing. I will use this book for my teaching and I for my own daily practice. Thank You Ben for your generous gift to the trombone world.

John Engelkes
Bass Trombonist San Francisco Symphony

This is a unique, highly practical work for every serious student of the trombone - no matter how advanced he/she might be. Ben van Dijk's topics are Breathing, Daily Routines and Warm-ups, which he presents profoundly and with a healthy philosophy. The author's wealth of experience, insight and understanding is extraordinary.
Ever one of his many "tips" will without a doubt prove invaluable, as it is carried by a strong enthusiasm and love for the trombone, its teaching and music in general. Beside text and exercises you find a rich collection of famous names and photos included, making users aware, in what elitist company they are.
Congratulations to Ben, who did the work and congratulations to the young players, who undoubtedly will benefit from it.

Heinz Fadle
Prof. Hochschule fur Musik, Detmold/Germany

Dear Ben, cordial congratulations on the publication of your terrific book! I assure that this book is beneficial not only to the young generations aspiring to be trombone players but also to orchestra player like ourselves. With the many pieces of advice based on your experience, this book gives great hope and is encouraging to many players.

Inoue Jumpei
Bass Trombonist Tokyo Metropolitan symphony Orchestra

Thank you Ben for writing this wonderful book. It is very important for the trombone world, that a great player like you shares this knowledge with us. The exercises are great and the text is very practical and helpful.
I'm going to use it myself. My compliments and congratulations.

Bart van Lier
Jazz soloist and principal trombone of the Metropole Orchestra

This book is great, not only for bass and tenor trombone players, but for brass in general. Focusing on the proper use of air is so important. I really like the use of actual music for practice purposes. This material is going to put a lot of players on the right path.

Bill Reichenbach
Studio (Jazz) Bass trombone virtuoso

 Any trombonist's library should have room for another book, especially one which offers unique insight. Such is the case with Ben van Dijk's new book which is a refreshing addition to the bibliography of fine trombone texts. Its comprehensive exercises and commentary on the daily routine and warm-up are excellent and will prove to be helpful to any trombonist, regardless of their playing level. To this Ben has added a useful section of "tips" on a wide variety of subjects; short bursts of ideas which can be considered, tried and implemented in the matter of minutes. Ben's friendly, breezy and helpful literary style makes this book accessible to anyone. Ben van Dijk has established himself as one of the finest performers and teachers of the trombone; with his new book, he shows himself to be equally adept as an author and his contagious love for the trombone and music making comes through loud and clear on every page.

Douglas Yeo
Bass Trombonist Boston Symphony Orchestra

 Ben van Dijk is one of the great trombone masters of our time. Not only is he a great trombonist but he is also a superb 'musician'! He has used his artistry and vast experience to create a work of significant importance.
His advice on the technique of 'allowing' the trombone to function efficiently is excellent. Equally insightful are his tips on attitude and the psychological aspect of playing our instrument. Many thanks Ben for your outstanding contribution.

Jiggs Whigham
Internationally acclaimed trombonist, band leader and educator

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