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2013 - Szczecinek International Wind Instrument Workshop

Nice poster of this weeks festival in Szczecinek ( please try to pronounce! - I can't )

The start is very promising. The first students were quiet amazing. Great kids to work with:-))

Tomasz Stolarczyk rehearsing all participants of the brass event at the top floor of the music school. What a sound;-))

A little gathering with my colleague teachers and students before another hard teaching day in the beautiful Szczecinek. The very nice talented students and my colleague teachers make it a very nice experience. Some 28 students to teach each 45 minutes and some twice. Long days:-)
On the left, sitting with the white T-shirt the trombone-teacher, RafaƂ Mizdalski, standing at the back Andre Prokopowicz - trumpet-teacher, of the school here and the guys responsible for the organisation of the festival.

The third evening of the festival a great concert by father and son Zdzislaw ( basstrombone) and Tomasz Stolarczyk (tenor trombone).
Nice program where Tomasz played a composition of himself. Really nice piece an played superb! His dad played New Orleans-Bozza on the highest level and together they play a double concert "Florida" by Hidas. It was a pleasure to hear them and I was happy to see-hear them play on Thein instruments:-))

The teaching team for this years festival.
from left to right:
The lovely Peter Malton - Jazz trombone
Tomasz Stolarczyk - tenor trb and conducting
Gabriele Cassone - trumpet
Ben van Dijk
Wlodek Piesiak - Head of the school and organizer of the festival
Zdzislaw Stolarczyk - bass trombone
Tomasz Gluska - trumpet
Roman Gryn - Trumpet

2 brothers Wojciek (18) and Maciej (13) Prokopowicz
were amazing! Remember these names.


The last day of the "13th International Wind Instrument Workshop" in Szczecinek. Wonderful concert in the Aula of the school of some of the participants and after that an open air concert on the Town-square. 
Great week, new friends, new talented kids and an invitation to return next year. I will surely accept that:-))

Here a compilation of photo's from the outdoor concert.

Young bass trombonist Adrian Gryciu, talented and played a nice Lebedev on the participants concert.

3 young trumpetters in the age of 8, 10 and 11 and just amazing. Very talented!

Very nice trombone quartet playing a composition by Tomasz Stolarczyk.

All participants, trombone, tuba and trumpets playing Starwars arranged band conducted by Tomasz Stolarczyk. A nice ending of a great week!

I am asked to return next summer for the next edition of the workshop and when possible I will go for sure. This is a festival I can recommend for every young brass player. A very nice teaching team, lots of possiblities to play and have lessons in a really lovely town located to an awesome Lake:-))




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nossos parabéns!!!

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