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2010 Febr Rotterdam Phil USA-Canada tour


Yannick Nézet-Séguin and the RPhO visited New York and four important cities in Canada,
in February 2010, with Jean-Yves Thibaudet, piano
and Viktoria Mullova, violin.


New York (17 and 19 Feb);
Quebec city (20 Feb);
Montreal (21 Feb);
Ottawa (22 Feb);
Toronto (24 Feb)

We went with 2 different programs which were a treat to play as a bass trombonist.

Program 1

Messiaen: Les offrandes oubliées
Liszt: Piano concerto N°2 in A major
Richard Strauss : Ein Heldenleben

Program 2

Brahms: Violin Concerto in B major
Theo Verbey: Conciso
Bartók: Concerto for orchestra

We started with 5 days in New York. What a great city to be. You always get this WOW feeling when you drive from the airport to New York and you see the Manhattan Skyline appear!

The first evening I was invited by my good friend Johan de Meij, who lives most of the time in New York, for a nice diner together.
We went to this super good restaurant an while waiting at the bar, with a good glass of wine, a sudden surprise happened. In the corner of my eye I suddenly see a well-know smiling face.
Johan invited our friend Joe Alessi also for diner as surprise for me.`
We had a great evening together, lots of stories and memories with great food and too much wine.

I only have this very bad picture of this wonderful time.


During my time in New York I tried to relax from all the stress of the last months. I spend a lot of time on my own just to get things sorted n my head again.

After a walk in very cold weather I arrived at Lincoln Centre where we had our concerts in the Avery Fischer Hall that week.

The poster at the main entrance of the hall with our programs on it.

During this week I also had a nice lunch together with James Markey, bass trombonist of the New York Phil. What a nice guy he is and although we only met briefly in the past it felt like we know each other for years. A new friend!
And what a great player he is. He gave me his new CD "on Base". An absolute must have for every trombonist.
Super played interesting, very demanding repertoire.

James Markey and me after having a nice lunch together!

On our free day in New York I had a great time together with my colleagues Ad van Zon (solo trumpet ) and Gerrit Hommerson (Piano).
Here are some nice shots we toke during that day.


On top of the Rock. What a great view!!

Rockefeller Centre, there where my father played solo many years ago.

Piet van Dijk solo with the Royal Dutch Marine Band!

Ad van Zon ( our great solo trumpet ) on top of the Rock!!

After two super good concerts in New York ( see reviews at click here )
we flew to Canada. Here the real tour started with more traveling.

Not so much time for sight seeing but a nice first visit to Canada for me.
Good concerts with a lot of success. It is obvious the people love Yannick and our band!
A good combination for sure!!

The visit to Ottawa is one I will remember well. A nice town with interesting older buildings which I, together with Gerrit, nailed on photo.




In Ottawa I also had a great meeting with Douglas Burden, bass trombonist of the NAC Orchestra in Ottawa.
Douglas is a real gentleman with a lot of history. He studied at Eastman in the time of Remington. After that he was in Chicago with Jacobs and Kleinhammer all people I would have loved to have lessons from.
I sincerely can say I have a new friend.

Douglas came to our concert and gave me a lovely review:

It was great to meet you yesterday and spend a relaxing lunch together. So much to talk about and so little time! I hope we can pick up the conversation where we left off at some point in the future.
Last night’s concert was exceptional. You and the orchestra performed in top shape. The individual solos and section playing throughout the orchestra were of the highest standards. Of course the low brass were the stars in my opinion with you leading the way. (I had a hard getting to sleep last night with all the themes racing through my head.)

Douglas Burden and me after our "ein Heldenleben" concert in Ottawa.

After 12 days it was back to home. It was so nice to be reunited with my loved ones. 12 days away from Aaltje is too long and how nice it was to see my grandson again.



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