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ITF 2009 - Arhus, Denmark

Last Saturday I returned from 2 days ITF 2009 in Arhus.
860 km drive with my new Car together with my colleagues Pierre Volders and Remko de Jager.

We were there because our trombone class from the Rotterdam Conservatory "Codarts" won this years ITA Emory Remington Competition.
The students drove with 2 buses and stayed for the whole event. We had to leave early because of a concert we had on Saturday in Holland.

Waiting for the buses to arrive.

Short stop for whatever was needed!

Just having fun during the long trip.
and long it was!

The festival had some of the greatest artists, playing a lot of new music!
As Dutchman and professor in Rotterdam it was very nice to see and hear both Jörgen van Rijen and my former student Brandt Attema.
Both were really amazing and pushing their instruments to the absolute limit.

Jörgen during his impressive recital.
Brandt and his girlfriend Astrid on the Harp in an amazing recital with new pieces only Brandt can play.
What a charming duo and great communicative playing.
I was sitting in the audience, enjoying and being very proud Brandt has been my student.
It was nice to see and hear Stefan Schulz again. What a great player he is.
I really enjoyed his performance of the Sub Zero Sonate by Daniel Schnyder.

Having a nice chat with Stefan in the canteen of the school.

Of course the most important thing for us was the concert of our trombone class as winners of the Remington Competition. Due to the fact that all concerts during that day were too long scheduled, our performance started way too late. Too bad, because of this some people left because they obviously had heard too much bones.
Those who stayed, and that were quiet a few people, enjoyed our concert.
The students did a great job and both Pierre Volders and myself were very happy to conduct this talented bunch of players.

Picture taken after the concert with all the students and the four teachers.

Besides this highlight I had to judge some of the ITA competitions and had to play in the Kai Winding memorial concert. Something I was looking forward to very much. I was invited by Jiggs Whigham and had to play with Bill Reichenbach the basstrombone parts in the ensemble. What a honour!
Too bad the organisation of the festival mad it impossible for me to rehears with the ensemble so I had to do a Prima Vista concert. All went well and it was great to stand next to Bill and Jiggs and all the others but I would have enjoyed it much more if I would have joined the rehearsal.

I hope better pictures of this event will come soon but this gives you an idea of the concert.

During the festival there was an impressive THEIN booth with all their great instruments to be played. Many players tried the instruments and were very impressed.

My student Jesse vd Ham and myself in front of the THEIN booth.

Also my friend Richard Speetjens was at the exhibition with his great wooden mutes.
Pictures come soon but I can tell you that he had lots of success with the mutes.


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Jesse said:

Nice pictures Ben!

It was a very very nice weekend there in Aarhus!!

July 2, 2009 1:08 PM

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