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Concentaina - 2008

8th version Concentaina 2008, success!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

 A photo collection of an other very successful CURSO in Concentaina in July 2008. Javier Colomer succeeded, for the 8th time in a row, in putting together a wonderful week for trombone and trumpet in his native town Concentaina. Both students and teachers just had a great time.

All teachers:
 Ben van Dijk, Javier Colomer, Jaume Gavilan, Carol Jarvis, Jorgen van Rijen, Franck Pulcini, Luis Conzales, Maido Navajas and Salvador Palmer

All trombone students and teachers.

All trumpet students and teachers.

All bass students and teachers together!

Antonio Pace listening to Javi Colomer in a lesson.

Ben working with Nick Sholl in a private lesson.

Carol Jarvis working with the youngest participants in ensemble playing.

Ben and Callan Milani, a very talented basstrb student from the USA.

 Having a good time!!!

Ben and Salvador at the tapas bar.

Dani giving his evil-eye.

Carol, Jorgen and Jaume during the Fiesta.


Three good friend Salva, Javi y Jaume.







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