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Peru Low Brass Festival - 2008

The 3rd version of the Peru Low Brass Festival was a great succes!!

Together with my friend Javier Colomer I made a long yourney to come in Peru. First a Amsterdam-Madrid flight, 5 hours waiting in Madrid and then the big jump of more then 11 hours to Peru.

This wonderful event is an initiative of Carlos Quiroz, principal trombone of the National Orchestra of Peru and professor at the Concervatory National de Peru in Lima.

Carlos and his team did a great job and organized everything very well!

The team of teachers was very nice and the atmosphere was just great. Besides having great fun, we had the change to work together in ensemble-concerts, discuss many things about brass playing and exchanging ideas for the future!

Some 85 students from Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Chili and Peru came to this seminar. The level was quiet divers but the talent of many students was obvious. Of course I was focused mostly on the basses and I heard great playing!

The curso was held in the National Conservatory in Lima. I nice building with more then enough facilities. The big entry hall was used for the daily warm-up, master classes and some of the evening concerts.


The opening concert by the teachers ensemble was great fun and with only one rehearsal, of a suprising high level. .
From left to right:
Javier Colomer-and Ben van Dijk-basstrombone, Ruben Carughi-, Carlos Quiroz-, Pablo Fenoglio- and Iain Hunter-tenortrombone.
Siting from left to right:
Wilson Diaz-trombone and Euphonium, Patricio Concentino and Victor Delgado-tuba.

With these talented "Los 6 de la Colombia" I played Steven Verhelst Capriccio. It was a pleasure to play with them.

Rehearsal with more the 73 trombonists for our last evening concert

Having a good time with my new friend Carlos Quiroz.

Main food in Peru is Pollo and Papas. We had plenty of that for lunch an diner!

In the beginning a bit shy but later on more open. 4 very sweet ladies from Peru on trombone. Perhaps the new future Bones Apart!

The Jazz evening was a concert by Ruben Carughi, great concert with Latin-Jazz with both Ruben and Pablo in the limelight! Bravo!

This trip was co- sponsored by the Thein brothers and the Dutch Embassy in Peru. Javier Colomer, who is a clinician for Thein is showing the bass trombone to one of the basstrombone students of this event.


All participants and teachers after the grand-final concert.

I like to thank Carlos Quiroz for his invitation, Javier Colomer for his wonderful company, my fellow teachers during the event for their great work, the Thein brothers for their great support and the Dutch Embassador for making this trip possible.

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