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Muro - 2005

The fifth trombone/tuba curso in Muro/Spain again was a big hit.
Most of the participants of this year's course with the teachers.
This year Javier Colomer introduced the tuba to the course to make the low brass complet.
This made this years faculty staff look like:

Jorgen van Reijen - tenor trombone
Ben van Dijk - bass trombone
Javier Colomer - bass-tenor trombone
Hendrik Jan Renes – tuba

This years faculty staff + Johan de Meij and Matthias Kruger.
This year there were some 40 participants. The atmosphere was very friendly and everybody had a great time. Every day started with warm/up sessions by the teachers. Breathing exercizes and daily routines with explanation of everything made the start of the day very fruithfull.
Openings day and getting organized!
Then there were masterclasses dealing with solo-repertoir, orchestral literature and general problems. Part of the afternoon was used for trombone-ensemble and tuba-ensemble rehearsals.
Special guest ensemble this year was the New Collective .
This now already legendairy trombone ensemble from Holland played a stunning concert. The program showed many dfferent styles of the trombone literature. 
Brandt Attema played a great performance of Eric Ewazen´s Concertino and Jorgen van Reijen showed of in a speedy interpretation of Blue Bells . 
Hendrik Jan Renes and Ben van Dijk joined the group as soloists in Steven Verhelst Bastasia .
The concert was a big hit and the ensemble will be returning for the next years curso!

Having a god time in the evening. Fiesta!!!!
In the same week as this years curso there was also a conductors course with Henry Adams and Johan de Meij . This year mainly focussed on the music of Johan de Meij.
Johan de Meij and Ben van Dijk
Old friends united!
Due to the great work by Javier Colomer, again this years Curso was a big succes. Besides players from Spain this year brought guests from Italy, Peru, Croatia and even a complet trombone quartet from Germany.
Tenor Trombonist:

Ivan Bonsjak (Teacher in Zagreb) Croatia
Juan Manuel Cano Salas ( Bolullos del Cdo. Huelva) Spain
Felix Ruoff (student) Germany
Silva Ghisleni (Teacher in Sotto il Monte) Italy
Roser Gómez Úbeda (student) Spain
Francisco Gonzalez Hernandez (teacher in Jumilla) Spain
Lisa Kuhlemann (student) Germany
Carlos Alberto Quiroz Ramirez (trombone solo Orchestra of Lima) Perú
Antonio Manuel Rosado Mauro (Andalussian Brass) Spain
Eusebio Saez March (student) Spain
Marie Luise Scherpe (Student) Germany
Scotti Tomislav Hrvatsko (student) Croatia
Pedro Alejandro Carralero Plaza ( student in Mozarteum in Salzburg) Spain
Isabel Garcia Bataller (Glissando Trombone Quartet) Spain
Jaume Gil Chafer (student) Spain
Jesús Escudero Úbeda (Glissando Trombone Quartet) Spain
Pablo Soler Albert (student) Spainv Edmundo Vidal Vidal (Trombone Solo in Orchestra Nacional of Spain) Spain
Juan Navarro Pérez (Glissando Trombone Quartet) Spain

The German trombone quintet "Slide-o-Five" minus one + facultystaff.
Bass Trombonist:

Juan Carlos Igea Gimeno (teacher in Almansa) Spain
Matthias Krüger (teatcher in Detmold) Germany
Pedro Roser Zanón (teacher in Gran Canaria) Spain
Juan Antonio Tormo Benavent (student in Escola Comarcal de Música del Comtat) Spain
Jose Maria Pla Ferrer (student in Escola Comarcal de Música del Comtat) Spain

Tenor Trombones - Students from Escola Comarcal de Música del Comtat:

Almudena Moreno Miró
Alexis Sansalvador Picornell
Teresa Caballer Llorens (Vares del Comtat Trombone Quartet)
Octavio Montava Marín (Vares del Comtat Trombone Quartet)
Daniel Quiles Cascant (Vares del Comtat Trombone Quartet)
Angel Rodrigo Gandia (Vares del Comtat Trombone Quartet)

Tuba and Baritone:

Daniel Moreno (student) Spain
Jose Javier Martínez Climent (student) Spain
Juan Manuel Obrados Muria (teacher) Spain
Francisco José Diana Murillo (student) Spain
Francisco Javier Molina Calatayud (student) Spain
Mario Sanchis Almunia (student in Escola Comarcal de Música del Comtat) Spain
Sergi Vañó Peidró (student) Spain
Andrés Alcaraz Lopez (student in Escola Comarcal de Música del Comtat) Spain
Carlos Gutierrez Cascant (student in Escola Comarcal de Música del Comtat) Spain
Carlos Pascual Sala (teacher) Spain

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