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Bremen - 2003

Ben visits Bremen
Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Begin December Ben van Dijk visited the Thein factory together with his friend and colleague Hendrik Jan Renes and Arne Visser.

Arne Visser, Hendrik Jan Renes and Ben van Dijk 

showing 3 F Tuba beauties from Bremen.

The mean reason was the new F Tuba for Hendrik Jan. After all the try outs of the last years finally his new F Tuba was ready and Hendrik Jan played it with great pleasure. The Thein brothers will finish the instrument and then Hendrik Jan will receive it mid January to play it in the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. Arne Visser had to do some small changes to his F Tuba and returned home with a good feeling.

Ben playing the Thein top model tenor trombone 

with great pleasure.

During all the Tuba talks and changes Ben had time to try out some of the Thein newest trombones. He was very excited with the Thein tenor trombone, the first one he could play with a tenor mouthpiece sounding as a tenor trombonist. Ben toke one home to try out better with the idea to use it on his next CD project.

Ben on the Thein alto looking very strang 

knowing him as bass- and contrabass specialist.

Ben also played a few notes on the Thein alto and this also with a quit surprising result. The Theins made a very wide bore slide for this alto, the bore of a bass slide, and this made the airflow very natural.

Having fun on an old German type of F Bass Posaune.

There was also an older German F trombone made by the Theins, a beautiful interesting instrument with a very special sound used by the bass trombone of the Copenhagen Opera for pieces like the Creation by Haydn and Brahms Symphonies.




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