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Muro - 2003

Together with Jörgen van Rijen, principal of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Ben van Dijk gave a master class in Spain

Participants and teachers in the very hot sun
of Alqueria
Muro de Alcoy
This years dates for the summer course were the 18th
till the 22th of July, 2003.

Van Rijen, students and van Dijk 
in Mr. Roberts by Ilja Reijngoud
More then 25 students, from 12 till 32 years old, attended this years event and had the time of their lives. Many new friendships were born but even more important, new ways to improve their trombone-playing were introduced.

A wonderful evening in Cocentaina
This is the third time Javier Colomer organized this summer course but it is the first time 3 teachers were involved.
The first 2 courses were given by Colomer and van Dijk but this year Jörgen van Rijen was added to the course faculty-staf.

Max Thein, Jörgen van Reijen, Ben van Dijk
Javier Colomer and SALUTE y forza del Gran.....!
There was a good atmosphere between the teachers,
students and the representatives of the firms Courtois and Thein from Bremen, who had nice exhibitions of their instruments during the week.

Thein-trombones in Cocentaina

Fiesta in Cocentaina
The overall temperature was over 45' Celsius but the evenings gave some cooling and the cervesa and tappas were super.
Also the rehearsal of the Banda's for the great "Morros y Christianos" festival, gave some wonderful ambiance to this week.

Banda's y caballos and fiesta in Cocentaina
Every day started with a warm up session for 2 groups;
one group worked with van Reijen and the other with van Dijk. Groups were changed every day so all the students had a change to work with both teachers.

Ensemble playing and warm up
Javier Colomer worked with the youngsters among the participants.

The future for the Spanish trombone-world
During the day private lessons were given focused on all different kind of matters in playing. Also 2 professional bass trombonists, Francisco Guillem (Bass Trombonist of the National Orchestra of Spain) and Salvador Pellicer (Bass Trombonist of the Orchestra of Valencia), vistied the course.
Paco, who plays a Thein bass trombone, had a lesson session with Ben van Dijk and Salvador tried out the Thein basses and enjoyed some good time with the faculty staff of the course.

Having a good time with friends!
A big accent was pointed on ensemble-playing; something what is of a lower level among the Spanish students.

On the last evening the ensemble gave a concert of different repertoire for trombone ensemble. Both van Reijen and van Dijk conducted different pieces and also played solo during this concert.
Also the trombone quartet "Glissando" played solo during this concert. The quartet members are the lovely Isabel García Bataller, Isaac Sanabria Vañó, Jaume Gavilán Agulló and the host for this week Javier Colomer Castillejos.

Trombone Quartet" Glissando" with
Jörgen van Reijen and Ben van Dijk
Next year again Jörgen van Reijen and Ben van Dijk will join Javier Colomer for the fourth trombone summer course in Muro de Alcoy


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