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Muro - 2002

Tours - Muro 2002

The second version of “Curs International de Trombò” in Muro, Alicante, organized by L’Escola Comarcal de Musica del Comtat started with some misfortune.
Due to the fact that there were not enough participants it was not possible to have 2 teachers for this year’s course. Ben van Dijk and Jörgen van Reijen decided, by mutual arrangement, Ben would go to Spain.
 After all, the second version of the trombone summer course was again a big success and the city government gave the organization the good news there will be enough money for next year’s version of this wonderful event. The organization hopes to have Ben and Jörgen as teachers for this course next year without any problems.

All students gather together for
a group picture in the streets of Muro!
Host and organizer of the course, Javier Colomer, brought together 22 trombone students.
The class was divided in 2 groups, 16 students from 16 to 25 years, on Conservatorium and Conservatorium Superior level, worked with Ben and the second group of 6 students, in the age between 9 and 12 years young, worked with Javier.
The course was located in the L’Escola Comarcal de Musica del Comtat of Muro, a beautiful renovated building of more then a hundred years old. Luckily with air-condition because the temperature in summer time rises easily to 37 degrees in this Spanish region.

Ben at work with the Spanish students.
In the morning from 10 o’clock to 11 o’clock, Ben worked with the class on breathing and warm-up exercises,

Also Paco Ferrer, Daniel Perpignan and Paco Guillén,
bass trombone National Orchestra of Spain,
visited the course and joined Ben and the class in their morning coffee break.
after a nice coffee break in the cantina at the corner of the street, back to 2 hours of private lessons with 4 students. Together with almost all students, a nice diner was enjoyed and a short relaxation time made the afternoon pass quickly.
At half past four the class continued with ensemble playing in ensembles from 4 to 12 trombones and the day ended with another 3 private students.
Then some delicious Tapa’s were surfed on one of the local terraces in Concentaina.

Javier Colomer, Max Thein and Paco Guillén
and the beautiful new Thein contrabass trombone owned by Javi Colomer.
The last 3 days of the course Max Thein joined Ben in Muro and brought some of his beautiful instruments to test for the participants of the course.

The beautiful Cristina, the young Octavia and the talented Jaume
all tested the Thein beauties very seriously.
Besides the students some of the professional trombone players of Spain tested the instruments and gave their positive reaction.
The Thein contrabass trombone, owned by Javier Colomer, made the biggest impression. Earlier in the week Ben gave a contrabass trombone presentation and the sound of the instrument, both in piano and forte, knocked the listeners of their chairs.

Ben surrounded by the twelve years young Theresa
and the 16 years Cristina in the Hall of the school.
The last day of the course was ended with a nice outdoor concert in a idyllic garden well visited by the local people of Muro. The concert started with Javi Colomer and his youngsters and then Ben took over to conduct the big trombone ensemble and to play some solo pieces with them.
The concert was a big success for all who attended the course and made a nice finale to this wonderful week.

The outdoor garden concert was a big success!
Max and Ben were on their free last day in Muro treated with some nice sightseeing, lovely Spanish beer and wine and super Tapa’s.

Javi Colomer and Jaume Gavilán AgullEmade the last day
of Max and Ben's visit very nice. Thanks!!!!


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