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Greece and Scotland - 2001

Master classes in Scotland and Greece
Friday, December 05, 2003

The one in Glasgow, at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, was a one day event where Ben worked with the trombone class in the morning on daily routines and ensemble playing. In the afternoon Ben was asked to Judge the Yearly held Brass competition in which 22 players played 10 minutes for him. & were chosen to play in the final round one week later Judged then by another guest professor to have a undepended opinion. In the evening Ben worked in an open master class with 2 of the schools bass trombone students together with a pianist.
This is what Chris Stearn, teacher at the RSAMD, writes about Ben's appearance: 

We had the pleasure of a visit from Ben van Dijk at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama this week. What a great day! Both staff and students were inspired by this master musician and teacher. Ben is able to communicate equally well through words and music- a rare quality. We were treated to some stunning playing- I cannot remember finer, and he shared many valuable insights. If any of you are looking for a way to inspire your college players, book this man!

Chris Stearn. 
Bass trombone of the Royal Scottish Opera

 Ben van Dijk and part of the participants of the Greek class

One week later Ben made his debut appearance in Athens for a 3 day master class at the Nakas Conservatory.
Here Ben worked with both students from the school and players from the important orchestra's in Athens.
The morning started with a tutti warm up session which was quit a new experience for the master class participants. Then the main focus was on orchestral excerpts and trombone ensemble playing.
.Although the standard of individual playing is on a good level there needs to be done a lot of work on ensemble playing and Ben's class was received very well.
Both teachers at the school, Kostas Avgerinos (principal trombone of the Greek State Orchestra and Spiros Faroungias (principal of the Greek Opera in Athens) were great hosts and prepared the course very well with the help of the lovely Elina Tsangaraki.
At the end of the master class there was an interesting open discussion, attended by some 35 players, about brass playing in general and how to improve the level in Greece, all translated into Greek by the Athens State Orchestra 1st trumpet : Yannis Karabetsos. Ben brought in some new ideas and promised support in any way possible. 


Kostas Avgerinos, Ben van Dijk and Spiros Faroungias

Plans are made to have Ben back at both school in the very near future! 



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