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Muro - 2001

Tours - Muro 2001

The first International course of Trombone Vila de Muro

Javier Colomer, Spanish bass trombonist and teacher at the "Escola Comarcal de Música del Comtat", has been the organiser of:The first International course of Trombone Vila de Muro. 
The course took place in Muro de Alcoi,
a small, charming village in the province of Alicante (Spain)
with a musical tradition being twohundred years old.

In this first edition, (23 of July-27 of July) Ben van Dijk (Bass trombonist Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and professor at the Rotterdam Conservatorium)was invited as teacher and was during this event the spill of the course. Ben gave a lot of new ideas about breathing, ensemble playing and general musical ideas.

Twelve pupils from different conservatories and Orchestras in Spain came to the " Escola Comarcal de Música del Comtat" , where an excellent atmosphere of friendship and music was noticed by all the participants. What also stands out is that there were participants who are musicians from the best orchestras in Spain.

Musicians such as Joaquín Vicedo (Tenor Trombonist of the Orchestra of Spanish RadioTelevisión) Salvador Pellicer (Bass Trombonist of the Orchestra of Valencia) and Francisco Guillem (Bass Trombonist of the National Orchestra of Spain). Warm up sessions, trombone-ensemble sessions, private lessons and Orchestral extracts took place in this course; where Ben van Dijk did an excellent job.

In the intermissions and Siesta time, both participants and teacher enjoyed the wonderful food of this region of Spain. This also gave many possibilities to exhange thoughts about music and trombone matters in particularly. It was great to see the inter-action between professional players and students and this gave an extra dimension to this week.

In the evening Ben van Dijk was invited to join 
Javier Colomer and his 15 year young, very talented student,
JAUME GAVILÁN AGULLÓ, for some delicious local Tapas. 
During these wonderful meetings the day was devaluated and plans were made for next years course. It is clear Javier.
Colomer is a good organiser and is of great value for the Spanish trombone scene. Bravo Javi!!!!!

During the week some professional players form different Spanish orchestra's visited the course such as David Llacer Sirerol, tubaist of the orchestra's of Valencia and Tenerife. David plays at the moment in the Symphony Orchestra of Valencia together with basstrombonist, Salvador Pellicer. Both are good friends and it looks like the make a great low brass team. 
From left to right you see: Ben van Dijk,Salvador Pellicer,David Llacer Sirerol, Francisco Guillem and Javier Colomer.

Ben van Dijk was very happy to see Paco Ferrer Sanches, a former student of his at the Rotterdam Conservatory and student in London at the Guildhall School of Music, together with Daniel Perpinan, principal of the Orchestra of Bilbao. They visited the course for a day and both were very enthousiastic and will be there next year to attend the whole course. Both played in the Spanish Youth Orchestra "Jonde", an orchestra Ben coached for many times.
Thanks to the great success of this course, for the next term Ben van Dijk will be invited again for the bass trombonist students and Jorgen van Rijen, principal trombonist of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, will be invited for the tenor trombone students.


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