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Karlskrona-Sweden - 2001

Sweden BIBA 2001
Tuesday, July 03, 2001

Blekinge Internationella Brass- Akademi
Photo's by Claes-Goran Bjerding 
Musik i Blekinge

From june 25 till july 1, 2001 the BIBA festival was held in Karlskrona Sweden. Some 90 participants attended a course, well organized and full with great information. Some of the best players arround were invited to give lessons, lectures, chambermusic, orchestral exerpts and concerts during this one week event. The students had the change to give some concerts there self mostly coached by the teachers.

Ben van Dijk during his solo in Frescobaldi's
"Canzone" for basstrombone and syntheziser.

Urban Agnas, Matthias Hoffs, Nitzan Haroz and Ben van Dijk
in Nick Wouds "Evocation"
I was very proud to be one of the invited players/teachers for the course and had a really wonderful time. Meeting Rex Martin ( tuba/Chicago ), Nitzan Haroz ( trombone/ Philidelphia ), Hugh Seenan ( horn/London ), Ingemar Roos ( trombone/Sweden ), Sverre Olsrud (tenortuba/Norway ), Matthias Hoffs ( trumpet/ Germany ) and Urban Agnas ( trumpet/Sweden ) and have the possibility to play concerts with them was a great treat for me.

Rex Martin tuba, Olle Sjoberg piano, Nitzan Haroz trombone,
Ben van Dijk bastrombone, Sverre Olsrud euphonium, Ida Mo piano.
It was hard work and the organization made up a pretty strong schedule but there was also room for good social contacts during the week between both teachers and students. The whole week gave me new possitive energy and a lot of drive to go on again. The reponse from the students was wonderful and there high level inspired us all to give the best we have.

I like to thank Mikael Nilsson, Olle Lind, Jan Lindberg, Macke Petersson and PK Svensen for organizing this great event.

Bobby Shew during his wonderful Jazzconcert in Karlkrona

Nitzan and Ben in Nick Woud's "Dances"

Nitzan Haroz, Ben van Dijk and Olle Lind after the concert

Rex Martin conducted some Wagner for Brass.

All participants played,as final of the course, a Richard Strauss Fanfare. 



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