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Stolen bass trombone - please help us!!

Dear friends-students,

Today I heard the shocking news that the bass trombone of one of my first year Codarts conservatory students, Octavio Montave Marin, is stolen.
The instrument is stolen from the 6th floor of the Conservatory on Friday evening September 10 or Saturday morning September 11.

It is a nearly new Thein bass trombone model “Universal”, signed at the bell in hand engraving:
Nr. 2874

Octavio just started his study at the Codarts conservatory in my studio and he is in total shock about this.
He bought this beautiful but very expensive instrument at the end of 2009 and is super happy with it.
Now Octavio has nothing!

If somebody knows anything about this or will hear about the instrument, please contact me directly.
Please, keep your eyes open! There are not so many of these models around so it should be easily recognized!

I sincerely hope we will be able to return this instrument to Octavio so he can begin his study with a good feeling!

Yours truly,


Ben van Dijk



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