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Breathing Book by David Vining

Just before summer I bought some great new books by David Vining.


The Breathing Book and Flow Studies for bass trombone.
I am very enthusiastic about both books.
After telling David about my enthusiasm he asked me to write a preface for his Breathing Book.

This is what I wrote:

Ben van Dijk says:

"There are many books and articles available dealing with the most important part of our playing system: Breathing. Some are well written and interesting but many are too difficult to read or understand and do not help us to achieve what we really want: to play better!

David Vining succeeded in writing a book that is easy to read, easy to understand and fun to use. I really like the format of the book: on one side you have a clear explanation of different parts or sensations of breathing and on the other side you have activities related to these explanations.

For me the book was an eye-opener and is a new inspiration for my teaching and also for my own playing. I use the book and its exercises on a regular basis in my teaching and in my own daily routines. His ideas are so easy to apply to everything you have to play or work on and they help you to play in more relaxed, easy and controlled manner."

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