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Slide Factory 2009 -Great experience!

Yesterday, Slide Factory 2009 came to an end. Full with inspiration and new ideas I look back on the great event.
Like I said in my earlier blog, the week started with master classes at the Rotterdam Conservatory Codarts.

it was great to see some old friends again and see them work with all these students. A great experience for these
young talents to have the change to work with some of the greatest trombone artists around.
Michel Becquet and Joe Alessi had to work hard but they showed us they liked it. It was also just wonderful to meet
one of the newer heroes on bass trombone of these days, Stefan Schulz. A very nice man and great teacher and artist.

Thursday evening the real festival started. The New trombone Collective started the show with a spectacular openings tune.
After this virtuoso performance, Stefan Schulz played the "Vier ernste Gesänge" by Brahms. He showed us his wonderful sound,
intonation and legato.
The main show that concert was the World trombone Quartet. Michel Becquet, Joe Alessi, Jorgen van Reijen and Stefan Schulz.
A very nice concert with interesting repertoire. The four showed us that different backgrounds and styles can make together something
very special.

Friday afternoon was the concert of all the classes participating in the master classes during the week. Great to hear all these classes
and also here it was clear there are differences in style. Every class had his own sound, all different but all very interesting.

"Codarts" Rotterdam Conservatory Trombone-class in Toccata-Frescobaldi
George Krimperis, Johan Noothout, Santiago Casalta, Cassiel Anton, Ben Van Dijk, Julie Harnois, Sebastiaan Kemner, Jeremy Stones, Pablo Ruiz Henao, Astri Karoline Ellann, Konstantin Koev


"Codarts" Rotterdam Conservatory Trombone-class in Scherzo Funebre-Bourgeois
George Krimperis, Santiago Casalta, Johan Noothout Suzanne Baai, Lennart de Winter, Ben van Dijk Jesse van der Ham, Jeremy Stones, Konstantin Koev, Pablo Ruiz Henao,
Ruud van Cruchten, Sebastiaan Kemner, Omer Beckerman, Julie Harnois, Cassiel Anton

I had the honour to conduct our class in  two pieces. Toccata by Frescobaldi and Derek Bourgeois Scherzo Funebre. I was very proud
of what our students presented on the big podium. With so many first year student, even on pre-education student of only 17 years young,
they really showed there potential.

The absolute personal highlight for myself was, conducting all students together on stage. I could hardly keep my eyes dry. We worked very hard
during the week and the concentration on the concert of all students was so special. They followed all my instruction and we achieved a very, very special sound
in the Doelen. Joe Alessi came to me after the concert and said he had never heard such an gorgeous trombone ensemble sound ever.

Saturday morning I did a warm up session with more then 150 trombonists. I was surprised with the concentration and can tell you, I really enjoyed it!

This was only the beginning of a super weekend in Rotterdam with many special concerts by so many great players.

I did not see all the concerts but some of the highlights for me were:

Joe Alessi playing this wonderful new Ballad by Nicola Ferro.

The 13 years young Peter Moore with the Young Collective. Just unbelievable!

Michel Becquet playing on the guests soloists recital. This sound!
Bart van Lier with the Codarts Big Band!
The New trombone Collective in Lindberg's new piece with my orchestra. Bravo!

Bravo to the New trombone Collective for, again organizing a great event and for playing on this super high level all the time!



Dietmar said:

Hey Ben!!

Great to read your thoughts on the Slidefactory. It must have been a great experience!! Watching these pictures brings back lots of great memories!!

It's a real pity I couldn't be there.

Anyway it is great to see how the class is developing and how Rotterdam seems to be able to keep raising the bar as a center for great trombone playing all the time.

Hope you are doing as well as it appears from the pictures and that we can meet again in the near future.

All the best from your "old" student in Vienna!!



I enjoy the new look of your website very much! Thanks for the effort!

April 2, 2009 11:55 PM

Ben van Dijk said:

Een leuke recentie op de site van het cultuur podium over het SFF:

April 14, 2009 1:17 AM

Hans said:

Hi Ben, de link is iets anders geworden:

April 22, 2009 8:09 AM

Kashara said:

Peter Moore is so good at trombone!

March 21, 2010 5:17 PM

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