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Pre-days of Slide Factory 2009


Yesterday the masterclasses given by Joe Alessi, Michel Becquet, Jorgen van Reijen and Stefan Schultz started at the Rotterdam Consevatory. Students of the conservatories of New York (Julliard), Lyon, Lausanne, Berlin and Rotterdam received their first day of lessons from these great players.

I had the honor to give a master class in the morning and worked with 3 students from Lyon and 1 from Berlin. Very talented students who were very interested in my ideas.
My own 6 students at the Codarts Rotterdam Conservatory recieved their first lessons with Stefan Schultz, bass trombone of the Berlin Philharmonic. Because I was busy myself I could not attend these sessions but my students were very happy with Stefan's work with them.

My participation in the festival this year is conducting the trombone ensemble of our school ( this year Remington Competition winner! ) and an ensemble made up of all the students of the earlier named schools. Also the classes of New York, Berlin, Lyon and Lausanne present them selves during this concert.

This concert takes place on Friday March 27 from 3 till 4.30 in the big hall of the Rotterdam "Doelen".

The first rehearsal, yesterday afternoon was quiet spectacular. More the 50 trombone students from the most prestious schools gathered together gave a real wonderful sound. I was very happy with the first result and very happy with the concentration of so many trombone players in the group.


Today, Tuesday March 24, we had rehearsals with the Rotterdam Phil with conductor, Christian Lindberg. The most interesting part of the rehearsal was that with his new composition, written specially for the New Trombone Collective. The piece is titled 'Waves of Wollongong'.

A very good piece scored for big orchestra with big string orchestra, woodwinds, percussion, 6 horns, 2 trumpets and tuba and no trombones in the orchestra. The 9 solo players are diveded in 3 groups, alto-, tenor- and basstrombone and the are located at the back of the orchestra on the left, the right and the middle.
Lindberg's score is very effectfull and well written. There are very nice interactions between the soloists and the band with nice harmonics, beautiful melodies and virtuoso parts for all voices.
Some impressive moments for Pierre Volders on alto trombone, some sweet melody playing of Jorgen van Reijen and rumbling low notes by Brandt Attema but the whole ensemble sounded very good on this mornings first rehearsal. I am sure the concert will be a great success!

This world premiere takes place on 27 March 2009 during Slide Factory 2009 in the main hall of De Doelen.

More information about the festival and its program is to be found on

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