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Ben's 2007-2008 basstrombone students

Ben's 2007-2008 basstrombone students and more....

This schoolyear I have big class with 8 bass trombone-and 1 tenor trombone students at the Rotterdam Conservatory and 1 private bass trombone student.
During one of the so called bass trombone days I organized at the school we took this nice all basses-group-picture!

From left to right you see:

  • Konstantin Koev from Bulgaria (2nd year)

  • Jesse van der Ham from Holland (pre-education)

  • Miquel Montanyes from Spain (1st year)

  • Pablo Ruiz Henao from Colombia (1st year)

  • Jeremy Stones from USA (1st year Masters)

  • Gerold Kleinbongardt from Germany (pre-education)
Astri Karoline Ellann from Norway (exchange student)
Isaac Sanabria from Spain (4th year at the school, first year as a bass)

  • Jason Luostarinen from Australia (private student)

During our 5 Sinfonietta-Janacek concerts last week one of my students joined the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.
 Jeremy Stones (Masters student at the Codarts School of Music) played the third trombone in this great piece while I played the fourth part on the contrabass trombone.
Jeremy did very well in both the Janacek as in the other pieces where he played the bass also.
 Some freetime for his old teacher!!

Thanks and Bravo Jeremy!!!



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