Concert RPhO Gergiev festival

Date: 9/3/2010


Opening concert - Shostakovich 8

The Battle for Stalingrad claimed the lives of 100,000 civilians. The survivors witnessed the destruction of their city. Yet, according to the Soviet authorities, there was still cause for celebration because the enemy had been defeated. They called for a victory symphony by Comrade Shostakovich but he could not bring himself to share in the jubilation. His Eighth became a poignant indictment of the madness of war. Valery Gergiev conducts this haunting symphony in Rotterdam for the first time.

Rotterdam Philharmonic
, conducted by Valery Gergiev
Tim Hugh - cello

- Cello Concerto nr. 1
Shostakovich - Symphony nr. 8

Friday 03 September 2010 from 20:15 till 22:30
De Doelen: Grote Zaal


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